Veterinary products

Veterinary polyurethane urethral catheters “Lobo” – for dogs and “Tigro” – for cats are used for treatment   urolithiasis diseases by means of outflow of urine from the urinary bladder.  Veterinary catheters are made from radiopaque polyurethane and have considerable advantages over other medical plastics (polyethylene, polyamide, PVC), such as flexibility and elasticity. Polyurethane is an ideal material for catheters of long-time catheterization.

Each catheter has adapter for syringe “Luer lock” with detachable plug.  Silicone fixing element is annexed to the catheter to fix it at the required depth by means of ligation.

Catheters “Lobo” have the marks with an interval between them in 2 cm.   Veterinary catheters may be completed with various types of guidewires – polyethylene, steel wires or steel springs.


Catheters’ designation
Outside diameter
Diameter of guidewire
Lobo 1

400 mm

2,0 mm


1,3 mm

Lobo 2

450 mm

3,0 mm


1,5 mm

Lobo 3

500 mm

4,0 mm


2,2 mm


130 mm

1,2 mm


0,45 mm

Catheters  “Lobo” and  “Tigro” are new products in domestic market of veterinary instruments. Our company has effected developing of catheters closely with specialists of the leading veterinary clinics of Moscow.

ATTENTION! In as much as veterinary catheters are new products, any suggestions and remarks of the medical practitioners would be very useful for us to modify our products. Please advise us your professional opinion after testing our products and we’ll be glad to take it into account. We are really interested to achieve the best results in this field of activity based on our cooperation with you.

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