About company

SC “MEDSIL” was founded in 1992 on the basis of laboratory medical equipment Special Design Bureau of the cable industry (OKB KP), working since 1958 in Mytischi, Moscow Region.

The name is derived from the words MEDSIL medical silicone.

The staff of the company for more than 40 years develops and manufactures products made of silicone rubber and other polymer materials for use in medicine, food, electrical industry, construction and other fields.

Over the years, we developed and put into production:

first domestic implantable wires, electrodes for cardiac pacemakers
Model of an artificial heart, brought to the stage of animal experiments
the first national multi-channel pipes and drains of the silicon-organic (silicone) rubber
implantable system for treatment of hydrocephalus
Silicone implants for eye surgery for scleroplastic operations carried out by retinal detachment
Laryngeal mask of silicone rubber
subclavian catheters

SC “MEDSIL” collaborating with highly skilled workers leading medical, chemical and other enterprises, which are developed in cooperation with more than 100 inventions, published more than 150 publications.

Today, a wide range of products of SC “MEDSIL” successfully used in medical institutions throughout Russia.

Explore the history of SC “MEDSIL” possible in the transmission of TV company “Technopark”.